Introducing Multichannel HitMe

Multichannel HitMe is akin to telling your customers that you didn't just hit various channels for comparison in terms of sales, but you hit these channels because you found the exact quality you were seeking!

In today's highly competitive sales landscape, companies are actively promoting their diverse range of products through online and offline channels. Just as you would sell in a physical store, you'll also be marketing your sale items on online marketplaces, engaging with buy-and-sell pages on social media, conducting live selling events with innovative blogging concepts, and even utilizing mobile apps for product sales. In this intricate ecosystem, you'll be employing a variety of tools to customize and streamline your business operations. This will require significant time and effort to infuse uniqueness into your products, setting them apart from the rest. In a market flooded with online sales, it's not sufficient to merely synchronize products and merge customer databases.

So, what's the solution? The answer lies in replacing this fragmented assortment of systems with a unified and straightforward platform. This platform ensures that you can effortlessly vend your products across all your diverse sales channels. And this is where "HitMe" comes into play.

Now, with much excitement and innovation, we are thrilled to unveil the upgraded "HitMe" admin platform. This enhanced version will empower you to easily manage and sell your products across all your sales channels.

A Central Hub for Your Business

The new "HitMe Home" feature is accessible upon logging into your "HitMe" admin account. This feature is prominently displayed on your initial screen and provides a comprehensive overview of your entire business across all sales channels. It offers customized insights, suggested tasks, and notifications to enhance transparency and prioritize your sales strategies.

Upon logging in, you'll notice that the dashboard remains accessible under the "Online Store" channel, as seen in the left navigation panel.

Diverse Sales Channels

As you enter your "HitMe" admin account, you'll observe that the left navigation panel has been updated to accommodate additional sales channels. Each of these channels boasts distinct features and provides an overview of its performance.

Currently, "HitMe" supports three sales channels:

1. Online Store: Host your ecommerce website and secure shopping cart with "HitMe."

2. Point of Sale: Conduct in-person sales with "HitMe POS," available on iPhone and iPad. This feature is now included in all "HitMe" plans.

3. Buy Buttons: Transform any website into an online store. This feature is compatible with platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, and more. It's also included in all "HitMe" plans.

With "HitMe," the hassle of duplicating customer and product information across different channels is eliminated. Moreover, customers are guaranteed a consistent shopping experience across all your sales platforms.

You have the flexibility to add or remove sales channels via the settings page in your "HitMe" admin account. In the upcoming months, we'll introduce even more sales channels that you can seamlessly integrate into the "HitMe" platform.

Embrace Multichannel Commerce Today

As time progresses, so does the evolution of business practices. Amidst a bustling landscape of competitors striving to establish their own unique selling approaches, "HitMe" stands out by offering a consistent and fresh shopping experience with every interaction.

With Multichannel HitMe, we're taking a significant step closer to realizing our vision of enhancing commerce for all stakeholders.