The 9 Splendid Options of Applications for you to achieve a Beautiful Marketing Content

People would always seem to be interested more with something that is very eye catching or is pleasant to the eyes. In order for you to gain more customers and boost your sales and revenue, you must prioritize your sites design, you must make sure that it will look attractive and beautiful to look at.

But it is understandable that most online store owners don’t have any idea on what tools to use in order to achieve beautiful designs, or might have access to some tools like Photoshop but doesn’t know how to use it.

It would be really mentally draining and exhausting thinking of how to achieve amazing marketing content that be the talk of the town.

There are variety of tools and resources that would do their job well in helping you create beautiful marketing content. Finding the right tool for you would not be that easy, you must first explore on which one you find comfortable with and you think would have more designs and features that would cater your desired outcome in mind.

There would be a list below of most used applications that are popular for their different and best options that they offer. This will be of much help for you in order to create a beautiful marketing content that will suit your store.

1.The Wonders of Canva

Canva is an amazing tool that is full of wonders because with this application you can create logos, poster, invitations etc. It also has already ready-made designs of templates that you can choose from for free. It also has available stickers or stock images that you can use, and to spice things up it also has plenty of amazing elements, text fonts, styles that are free for you to use so that you can create a beautiful piece of art in achieving your visual marketing content. It will definitely leave your jaw drop with how great the tool is, you can even turn your supposed to be image in to a video in where you can add animations and music to it.

It is very easy to use because it is a drag and drop visual editor on where you can just easily place and adjust your chosen elements or stickers to the spot you want it to be placed. There is no complicated process in this tool, all you have to do is choose your desired design, images, elements or stickers, add text or captions with your chosen font style, size and color and arrange it on what your desired outcome is.

2. Place It a User-Friendly application

Place It is guaranteed user friendly because it can display screenshots of your website, products, and applications etc. and add it to any devices that you might be using from your android phone to apple users. There is no hassle and issues in transferring those screenshots, which is why most store owners use this application. 

You can just easily upload any image that you want, or copy any URL of the image you want to use and place It will be able to get that desired image that you want in an instant, after having the desired image they will immediately upload it to your screen.

3.Get a handful of beautiful images with death to the stock photo

This application offers you with a handful of beautiful images that you can use for you marketing content every month just for free. The images offered are undeniably beautiful and amazing that will surely cater that taste of design that you want.

But their free account only offers limited images each month, for sure you might have a specific design in mind that you want to use but isn’t available on the images that were sent, you can still have it done by using their premium account which will give you a more updated access and more images beyond your imagination that will definitely suit your taste, you can just easily download those photos, once you see the one that you like.

If you are highly a fan of photography and magnificent photos, you can just easily use this application and it will surely satisfy your eyes with what you see. And it will surely be of great help in giving your marketing style justice that you deserve which is beauty.

4.Choosing one’s great work in Graphic River

If you are looking for some great designs that you could use for your marketing content coming from professional designers, Graphic River is the answer to that. It will provide you with numerous works from variety of great designers that you can purchase right away. You won’t be able to limit yourself in choosing the design that you want because there are more than 285,000 designs posted designs in Graphic River and all of it are for sale. You don’t even have to worry on scrolling through all of it because everything is in category in which you can just easily search for the style that you want.

They also offer awesome icons and banners that would surely be of good use in your business, especially when you own a business. Every design they have will help make your marketing look attractive and high-class.

5.Edit out your screenshots with SnagIt

If you want to take screenshots of anything that will be a good content or use in your marketing content, but worried the result might be plain and boring, SnagIt will surely help you out with editing the screenshots you have and it will definitely make it look more creative and appealing that would fit with your marketing content.

This app has great built-in editing features that will surely cater the designs that you want to apply in your screenshot. You can add:

Elements: This application has a variety of elements offered, you can add shapes, stickers, arrows, and speech bubbles to you screenshot, to give it more style and beauty and also to give out a stronger yet attractive visual. And also, so you can add any information that are needed and to highlight those important details that you would want your viewers to see.

Effects: This application has a variety of effects, so that you easily apply filters, or fill colors, adjust shading, reflections and shadows to acquire that class and professional look from your screenshot. Adding effects gives your screenshot to a whole new level that would make your outcome more magical.

6. Choose photos in a well categorized way using IM Free

It is definitely exhausting being able to scroll through hundreds worse thousands of photos while searching for the specific photo that you like. If you want to avoid that hassle process, you can just use IM Free, because aside from it offers you with thousands of beautiful photos it has a well-categorize search factuality that will surely help you out in easily and quickly finding that photos that you want to use.

Its photos are not the ordinary type, it gives you a more classic type and also the photos available here is not something that you can say cheap or low class because it will be something that can be jaw dropping.

7. Create beautiful HTML with Canvas

If you’re looking for a unique email template builder, Canvas is the answer to that. It will help you in creating an attractive HTML email campaigns that will make your receiver want to click and respond right away.

Canvas is not something ordinary, and is unlike the others because a lot of email editors doesn’t give you the freedom to add images and text in your output that is already set by your template. But with Canvas you can freely do it, with the help of its drop and drag interface you can just easily drag and drop images or text in to the exact lay out that you desire.

Canvas is intended to be pleasing to the eyes because all emails made in canvas are responsive, in that way it would catch receivers’ attention and would lead their curiosity to respond immediately. But before sending it, you must first create an account in order for you to send the email, but you can also just easily download the email copy the HTML and send it to your existing email tool afterwards.

8. Choose for icons in The Noun Project

Icons could be game a changer in making your marketing content more creative and appealing, and with The Noun Project you can just easily choose the icons that you think is best for the design and style of your marketing content, it offers free a paid icons that can be downloaded and be used right away.

There is no longer a need for you to exert more effort in engaging a long process just to look for the icon that you want. The Noun Project has great functions that will let you search for the kind of icon that you want that will suit your content, you can just easily type and search for example “pen” or “money” and plenty of icons will appear for you to choose.

9. Web Developer Chrome Plugin has a lot to offer

If you’re too curious on how other website create and design their online store, and curious on how they edit things, what colors they mostly use, and the best and common images that they use to acquire such beautiful store.

Try and use Web Developer Google Chrome, it shows and offers your browser more features that other browser doesn’t offer. Most developers use this in order to create splendid designs, and in order to create such great designs they have some handy tools that you must use which are:


This handy tool is important so that you can be able to measure and know the exact length of the dimensions/sides of a specific element or even measure the height and width of an image. If you are able to know the exact measurements, you can just easily work on the dimensions, and know what to adjust, and to know better placement of the elements and images used, it will definitely not give you a boring and plain corner but an even distribution and placement of elements and images used.

Color Picker

This handy tool is valuable so that you can be able to identify the colors used in every corner or part of the design. All you have to do is click the certain part that you want to know the color that is used, the name of color will appear and if you think that color is the one you like, you can use it in your marketing design. This tool will allow you to clearly decide what color to use that you think will suit well on the design you have chosen.

A browser resizer

Web Developer allows you to resize your browser to different screen sizes popular on various devices, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This enables you to see what your content looks like on different screen sizes and make any necessary changes to ensure it looks great everywhere.

Browser Resizer

This handy tool is very useful so that you can be able to adjust and resize your design depending on what device you are using. Because in each device there are different screen sizes, some are big like laptops and some are small like cell phones. So, in order for you to give pleasant design, you should resize to make your content visible. You can freely change and resize it, to make your output look great in every angle and in every device used.

By leveraging some of these tools, online store owners like you can become masterful digital artists, creating beautifully designed marketing campaigns that increase your traffic, sales and revenue.

Improve the visuals of your posts and email campaigns by applying those tools

There are now plenty of social media posts and email campaigns that are spread and seen everywhere. And in order for you stand out and improve your visuals, its best that you follow and apply all those tools that were stated above. Having a beautiful design, would immediately catch customers’ attention, and with that it will surely help you boost your sales and also would lead to a positive feedback and response to your store or site.

All store owners aspire to be on top, to be known by many and to make their brand go famous. And to achieve that you must do your best including with mastering and perfecting your marketing designs and campaigns to increase traffic and of course sales.